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Honoring Mother Earth - Indigenous Voices

Aquay - Greetings: Wolf Mountain Radio focuses on protecting Mother Earth, defending native lands and indigenous peoples throughout the world. This program presents the situations facing native peoples throughout the world with Native News, Interviews, Muis Commentaries and Investigative Reports and serves to protect Sacred Mother Earth and the traditional cultural life-ways of indigenous peoples. Producer: Wolf Mountain Radio (Interviews, Features)

Wolf Mountain Radio at
Yat Kitischee Native American Center
1731 Sixteenth Avenue, NE
Naples, Florida, FL 34120 - USA
Email: wigwaum@aol.com

Internet Audio Archive

Hear selected RFPI-produced programs via the Internet in RealAudio. In order to listen to these transmissions you'll need a plug in for your web-browser, called RealPlayer. To download the latest version of RealPlayer go to: http://www.real.com. Current programming available:

Dinetah - Sacred Land

Testimony of Big Mountain Dineh-Navajoe elder and spokeswoman Mae Tso. Presentation focuses on Dineh cultural beliefs and concern for their sacred land. Mae Tso expresses traditional cultural-life, and their defense of sacred land from the US government's forced relocation effort of Dineh & Hopi people.

1st Nations Sovereignty

Presentation of Dale Marie Standing Alone speaking on the historic nationhood of so called "Canadian Indians", also called 1st Nations. Her presentation expresses cultural-history and treaty relations of indigenous nations.

A Better World

Interview with Native American ecologist, journalist and cultural artist, Oannes Pritzker. Oannes expresses traditional Native American and Indigenous Peoples concerns for a Better World. The interview covers a range of topics, including cultural, international relations, role of the United Nations, and native rights.

Interview with Professor Scott Wood

Interview with professor Scott Wood, chairperson of Radio for Peace International board of directors. Professor Wood is an economist, environmentalist and educator. This interview shares his concern for RFPI, and discusses his career experiences in education and international development.

Kituwah - A native American perspective on the environment

Presentation of ecologist, journalist and cultural artist Oannes Pritzker. Oannes spoke at the National Expo of North American Arts, Educuation, & Culture, known as Kituwah, in 1992.

Winnemuka - native American anti-nuclear presentation

Native American presentation at 'NEW ENGLAND NO NUKES - NO DUMPS' rally. Wabanaki spokespersons at the ClamShell Alliance-10th Anniversary SeaBrook Gathering.

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